This charter sets down what knls is and what it does, and its commitment to provide the Kenyan communities with the highest quality and accessible services that the available resources will allow. Kenya National Library Service (knls) Board is a corporate body of the Kenya government that was established by an Act of Parliament Cap 225 of the Laws of Kenya (1965) to provide library and information services to the Kenyan public.

We in knls recognize that information is a basic commodity in everyone’s life, and we want to make sure that the services we provide are responsive to your needs and will translate to both individual and community empowerment. We want to provide these services to your satisfaction and take pride in the contribution that we will have made to your individual and national development, general well being, and to the economic growth of Kenya. This charter serves as a commitment that knls intends to live up to its mandate.


Our library customers cover the entire public and they include: Individuals, students, children, youth, researchers, government agencies, private institutions, pensioners, prisons, hospices & hospitals, schools, orphanages and persons with disabilities, among others.


The hub of Information and Knowledge for Empowerment

To enable access to information for knowledge and transformation of livelihoods

To improve the reading culture among the Kenyan people through informed and targeted intervention programs
To increase access to information through development, equipping and maintenance of libraries
To enhance availability of information resources through utilization of modern technologies and strategic partnerships
To enhance collection and preservation of national bibliographic information through legal deposit copies and other sources
To strengthen institutional capacity by upholding responsible corporate governance, resource mobilization and human capital development.

The knls Board is mandated by the Act to: Promote, establish, equip, manage, maintain and develop libraries in Kenya

In all our dealings with you, we will be:

- Passionate
- Innovative
- Customer Focused
- Knowledge driven