Thirst for knowledge and information is a drive that is felt in every sphere of life. People seek information and knowledge for various reasons.  It has the power to build and accomplish dreams; it transforms life from rugs to riches.  Unfortunately, some are less privileged in its access.

Knls Buruburu has initiated a programme in liaison with Buruburu Police Child Protection Unit.  The programme aims in providing a taste of knowledge and a sense of belonging to the children under such protection. The protection unit serves as a rescue centre for the abandoned and neglected children, street children and those mistreated at home.

Buruburu library staff with permission from the Officer Commanding Station (OCS) visited the facility and managed to serve six (6) children who were under protection for various reasons.  The young children sat on a mat on the floor; wore dirty, tattered clothes and as we approached them, their faces lit up.  We were armed with knowledge in form of story books, children magazines and a game of scrabble.  The young boys looked at us full of expectations as their moods grew more jovial.

The children sat anxiously on the floor going through every book and magazine page by page.  We also enlightened them about the existence of knls Buruburu library and the need for them to utilize its services in their quest to seek more learning.

Before we left, we taught them how to make ‘words’ as they enjoyed a game of scrabble.  No doubt, despite various challenges the under-privileged children undergo, there is still a great hope in them.  This was evident as they were yearning for more as we collected our items. The Officer Commanding the Station (OCS) was most grateful as it dawned on him that such visits could really transform the children’s lives positively.

They were all glad of our societal services!