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The International Literacy Day – 10th September 2021

The international Literacy day, is a day of observance celebrated each year on 8th September, which marks the importance of literacy in our countries and cultures and the need to intensify efforts to have a literate population. In conjunction with Book Aid International, knls organizes one big event in one of the libraries in in different regions of the country, in order to upscale the awareness on a suitable date between 5th and 12th of the same month. Last September we held the celebrations at knls Laikipia Branch in an event that was officiated by the Laikipia Central Assistant County Commissioner, Mary Kerongo. Other guests present included; Veronicah Lecasia representing the Laikipia Director of Adult Education, Ndumba Ndai representing the County Director of Education, Hellen Kurutu the vice chair of the library committee, Joseph Irungu a trustee of the library committee.

The theme for the celebrations was “Read for a Brighter Tomorrow”. The Chief Guest Ms. Mary recognized the importance of education and literacy as being an important pillar of development of Kenya. She encouraged the positive use of technology in learning and personal development.  She encouraged the group of adult education students who continue to pursue their education despite their advanced age.

Some of the activities at the event included a read aloud activity, spelling bee, poems, choral verses, mashairi, and songs. Participants at the event included adult education learners,  pupils and students, teachers and the general public. A total of 49 adults and 125 students attended the event. Schools that participated in the event are; Nanyuki Primary School, Ndururu Primary School, Sweet Waters Secondary School and Inooro Secondary School.













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