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One reason older adults choose to move to a senior living community is the opportunity to participate in life enrichment activities every day. From book clubs and art classes to wellness programs, there is something for everyone to enjoy. A number of knls libraries have introduced Senior Citizen’s library clubs that help bring the senior citizens together and enjoy available services at the libraries. The members together with the respective Librarians organize various activities that of interest to them. Members are also encouraged to read books of their choice so as to enjoy the benefits that come with reading. People who read frequently are constantly learning new things and that increase in knowledge helps give the brain the workout it needs to stay healthy. Reading also helps maintain or improve memory and ability to concentrate. Through the Clubs’ activities, the senior citizens are able to change their perception and outlook to life. Volunteer Professionals who are experts on life after retirement are also invited to take members through the challenges faced after retirement, and how they can maintain a healthy life style in old age. They are encouraged to keep fit through daily exercises and healthy diets.

Library access fee is waived for the members to ensure that they have free access to the library facilities. This is also a motivation to allow them realize how much the community highly values them and would want them to have equal share of information and access like everybody else.

Other than health and lifestyle matters, Volunteer Lawyers are invited to take the members through the need for and importance of succession law. The Clubs also provide a platform for the seniors to connect with their peers and participate in lively discussions on current affairs, thus preventing them from social isolation. The Club members choose from amongst themselves a chairperson, secretary and a treasurer to manage the affairs of the club.


Among the libraries that are actively involved in senior citizen’s library clubs are Buruburu and National Library at Makataba Kuu with a membership of 15 and 13 respectively. Principally the club meetings were scheduled once a week until the emergence of the COVID 19, which forced a temporary closedown of the club activities due to vulnerability of the members. However, during the last two quarters from July to December 2021, club meetings have resumed but scaled down to once every quarter and once every two weeks at Buruburu Library and National Library respectively. It is expected that normalcy will resume once the COVID Virus is dealt with.

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